Examples of the 90's collaged aesthetic featured within our initial content plan.
Design research for the Instagram feed aesthetic. This style was incredibly popular within our team as it allowed us to encourage followers to move through the selection of images instead of viewing the opening cover and continuing scrolling.  
This was an experimental first test as to how the posts could appear together. Our initial colour scheme was purple and yellow, following the 90's collage aesthetic I focussed on cutting out the images and using polaroids to focus certain images across the pages.
Experimental design ideas using stock images and placeholder text to determine a style and aesthetic for our showcase.
New style design. New name font and style. Separate colours for Fashion and Fashion Branding and communication to differentiate between them. 
Final Fashion Branding and Communication post.
Work credit: Olga Petrusieicz
Final Fashion post.
Work credit: Emmy Redman
Final Instagram feed for NIL magazine.
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