Introduction to Christopher Raeburn as a brand, introducing the logo with accompanying images of their London store.
Initial research. Looking into the current issues displayed in the news, alongside articles displayed on LS:N. I picked out the articles that stood out most to me as an interest so I could develop and take them forward to the next concept page. 
Further concept development. From the previous research I narrowed down my interests into the Australian bush fires and the affect this was having on the forest and its inhabitants.
Concept. From the previous research, I established how the majority of Australias trees were burning down in the fires. This led to the idea of a t-shirt campaign that raises awareness for Australia but also to any donation services. As Raeburn already provide campaigns to take different areas of particularly climate crisis, I felt this fit perfectly with their brand values. The idea took the form of t-shirt designs and with every t-shirt sold, Raeburn would donate one tree to Australia.
Colour palette. Using Raeburn's existing colour palette, alongside my own assemblage work, I developed a new colour palette incorporating both the old and new colours.
Initial t-shirt design. The first stage of designing t-shirts, using simple tree logos in repeat patterns to see how the final outcomes could look. 
Design development. After the t-shirt designs, I took my assemblage collages further and experimented with more designs until I found a style I was completely happy with.
Final t-shirt design. Using the assemblage collages, I turned them into patterns for the t-shirts, giving them a brighter, more fun aesthetic fitting perfectly with Raeburn's existing work.
Physical mockups. Branding the new campaign and mocking up how it will be shown across billboards and swing tags.
Digital mockups. Final visuals on how the website can count how many trees have been donated to Australia, the pages where t-shirts can be purchased and how the Instagram account appears online.
Visual merchandising exhibition. An event was created to raise awareness surrounding the topics of our projects. This represents the Australian bush fires and the animals that have been killed and wounded due to this. This also shows how viewers can go to the website to buy a t-shirt and donate to a worthy cause.
Editorial. A piece of my own editorial work written about another Raeburn event.
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