Opening synopsis of Mint print publication.
Starting concept for Mint Print with accompanying images.
First concept development and initial ideas.
Second development stage. Deciding between creating a physical publication or a digital app.
Final idea development stages to take me forward to the next stages of development.
Initial design development, developing the final look for the publication.
Prototype development. End of FMP 1, exploration of how the final piece could come together.
Subscription box research for my final publication.
Subscription box development, featuring a make your own kit to fit with the beauty recipes within the subscription box.
Brand positioning. Determining where Mint Print sits within its competitors.
Customer profile for Mint Print's targeted audience
Development for the colour palette from the beginning of final major project to the final Mint Print palette.
Brand name and logo development and the final logo.
Prototype development. Initial photography used within Final Major Project 1.
End of Final Major Project 1 prototypes, to take forward into Final Major Project 2 for final development.
Developed publication style for Mint Print, single page, loose bound publication.
Developed photography style, showing off women and appreciating all body types.
Further development of final images to be featured within the final edit of the publication.
Look book pages before final edit and layout changes.
Medium articles and activities magazine before the final edit and layout changes.
Large baking, hair and skin care magazine before the final edit and layout changes.
Final mockup of some of the key pages from each magazine.
Subscription box featuring a printed makeup bag of three self-care products, stickers and three inspirational postcards.
Front cover and opening pages of each publication.
Mint Print Instagram feed and stories for the campaign launch.
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