Introduction to the Artisan Drinks brief with an outline as to the final outcomes of the unit.
Opening look into the brand for research into how they already work to develop ideas as to how to appropriately target my competition.
Initial ideas thought process, my favourite way to work is to mock-up and write my ideas out which aids my process of narrowing down my ideas and figuring out an appropriate avenue to take the project. 
Concept development. Before creating any detailed mock-ups, my planning stages include drawing out exactly how I want my content to look, this helps to aid the next stages of my project development and outlines a clear idea to take forward.
Colour palette. As this is an existing brand, the colour palette already exists and Artisan's brand guidelines state to not stray away from this. To get a clearer idea of how the brand appears, outlining their colour palette helps to visualise how the new work could come together, incorporating the brand colours.
Customer profile. Although Artisan Drinks have already established a colour palette, the new brief looks to introduce their brand to a new and younger audience. In order to define my targeted market, I have created a new customer profile to show exactly where to target the new posts.
Instagram mock-ups. As this competition states for a new social media campaign, I have mocked up how the new marketing campaign can be shown across their Instagram account, still using the brands colour palette and imagery, the content appears new but still current.
Website mock-ups. Artisan drinks are looking to gain more engagement on their website, through the Instagram campaign, consumers are encouraged to check out the website and purchase new products. The mock-ups show how the website could look specifically for the new campaign as the website will change due to new content.
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